So Mesmerizing: When Classical Music Meets Modern 'Sexy' Dance

I'm really not sure if I should laugh my pant off or be turned on by this... But maybe I did  a little bit of both.. or not. Who's to say? Well, I'll never tell. Alright then, classical music turns me on. Satisfied?

The Classical Comeback is made as a promotion for B-Classic's festival of classical music and it shows what happens when classical music meets the cliches of modern music's 'sexy' dancing.

I'm just gonna put it out there: It would not make me mad if they made more of this. Yeah I said it.


Finally A Statement I Can Get Behind: Everything Should Taste Like Bacon

 Well, not really. There are some things that should definitely not taste like bacon (like chocolate or toothpaste - that would just be too damn weird).

This Baconnaise doesn't really taste like bacon though, but it is still quite good in a sandwich, burger or as dipping for french fries. But when you have 'It's even kosher and safe for vegetarians.' written on the label, what can you really expect?


My New Toy/Decoration

I saw him, I wanted him, I got him!

They had a Star Wars sale in Toy'r'Us with a guy in Darth Vader costume walking around the store (sadly not anywhere near 501st standard), so we went for a family outing and Bought a new Star Wars toy/decoration for me... and my son (and a little bit for my wife). He's 79 cm tall (31 inch) and he looks fantastic in my living room. And it was pretty funny on the way home with a huge Darth Vader in my sons stroller and my son pushing him.

My son likes him. He talks to him: 'Morning Vader - Bye Bye Vader - 'Night Vader. Though he won't go near him, without me to hold his hand. But I guess some healthy respect and awe of Darth Vader is a good thing.


The Funniest Video Game Bug... Ever!

This has got to be the best and funniest video game bug... of all time! 

I haven't played the latest episode of The Wolf Among Us yet, but what the heck is going on here? Is Bigby training to become a professional pole dancer? Why doesn't anyone notice what he's doing.. or are they simply ignoring him?

Now I can't wait to play this episode...


Danny Trejo Is Making Some Really Cute Breadanimals

I could actually picture Danny Trejo making these breadanimals in his spare time. And they are kind of cute.


A Short Animated Tribute To Batman's 75th Anniversary Made By Bruce Timm

Batman is 75 years old! Bruce Timm (one of the creators of Batman: The Animated Series) made this short animated tribute to Batman.

The story takes place in the Dark Knight's past where his tracks Dr. Hugo Strange and his giant down, to rescue a kidnapped damsel in distress.

This is how Batman should be like... Sadly it's way too short. Please make more..