Oh Yeah! Total Awesome-sauce!: Guardians Of The Galaxy Dance-off

The Guardians Of The Galaxy finally have their dance-off with Ronan, in this outtake from the up-coming Blu-Ray and it's epic! I almost wish they had put it in the movie... But not really.


After Being Bitten By A Leprechaun Rainbow Man Must Learn To Use His Powers For Good

So much death.. Yet so much fun. Rainbow Man just might become your new favorite superhero. And Mary Lane is the perfect name for a superhero's girlfriend (there might be a little bit of irony in there somewhere).


The IKEA-Man As Pop Culture Icons

 The IKEA asembly manual guy gets a transformation by designer Sedki Alimam, into various pop culture icons.

Get The Free Audiobook With Bryan Cranston Reading 'You Have To F**king Eat'

Bryan Cranston narrated an audio book version of Adam Mansbach's You Have To F**king Eat and he is, of course, the perfect choice for the role as the angry/tired dad. You can get it at audible, for the nice price of nothing.


Meet The LEGO Versions Of Homerine, Batkid and Others

Fiction Meets Fiction is a fake mash-up advertisement by Alexandre Tissier and I have just one thing to say about it: I LOVE those names and I want to have them for real and play with them all day!


Carving A Stormtrooper Pumpkin Is Not As Easy As It Looks

We just got home from a Halloween party, with costume and pumpkin carving competitions. This pumpkin was my entry. Sadly we had to go home before the winner was announced (we didn't win any prize in the costume competition). 

For a first try, (or should I say 'do', because of cause, there is no try) I'm pretty satisfied. It's definitely not as easy as it look - It got a bit crooked, but fortunately I got help from my son and wife. 

If you feel like trying it yourself, you can download the stencils for free at 


The Greatest Movie Deaths Of All Time

This is probably not for the faint of heart. I'm not sure what criteria the makers of this compilation had, when they made it. Some of them are pretty cool, while other are kinda funny and/or weird/ironic.