4. maj 2015

May-tallica: A Backwards Cover Of Enter Sandman

Roy Scallon is doing a cover of a Metallica song each week of May - He calls it May-tallica (clever).
This first one is a backwards version of Enter Sandman. He made it by playing the whole song backwards, even the vocals, and then reversing it. It sounds kinda like the dwarf in the red room in Twin Peaks (because his speech is made the same way).
Pretty cool, if you ask me. I tried making something like this myself, a while back, by recording palindromes and reversing it.

Some Dude From Star Trek Tries To Explain Star Wars Day

Tim Russ (don't know him - I never really got to see any Star Trek) explains why it's called May the Fourth be With You. He gets it all wrong, but that makes it all the more fun.

Have a happy Star Wars Day, Y'all!

25. apr. 2015

Sexy(?) Admiral Ackbunny

This is Grant Imahara's (of Mythbusters) girlfriend Jenny Newman, dressed as Admiral Ackbunny.
I really don't know why I'm posting this, other than I have to make sure that I'm not the only one who has weird nightmares/sex dreams about this. Enjoy! It's a t... No, I just won't say it this time...

23. apr. 2015

My New T-shirt Is Awesome!!!

I just got this in the mail. Not only does it have a pretty cool design - It also glows in the dark! How freaking awesome is that!!! (Notice that I didn't put any question marks there, cause I know the answer.) I'm probably (almost) never going to see the effects, though I waited turning the lights on, when I went to the bathroom, until I had admired the glow.

21. apr. 2015

My New Deck Of Cards

 I almost never use playing cards anymore, but I just got these and thought they where too cool not to share... I know which movie I'm going to see now...

18. apr. 2015

The Funniest Thing In AC Unity - So Far

I guess this could be an example of the new and improved AI of Assassin's Creed Unity. Anyway, it just really made me laugh how scary a drawn sword is in the streets of Paris. I love their screams of terror...

I have only just played for 10 minutes or so, so I guess there'll be a lot more like this. I'm looking forward to much more fun.