New Episode Of Nightwing: The Series

Episode 4, called Oracle, of Nightwing: The Series is here.
I really like it and I hope to see another season soon.
The next episode will be the last... at least so far.


Follow-Up: Dueling Boob Twerk-Off

I had to watch this one twice before I noticed there was a dude in it... And a third time to make sure.


Missing Something To Read? Pay What You Want For This Huge Star Wars Comics Bundle!

There's a lot money to save and a lot of good reads in this huge Star Wars comics bundle on Humble. They are all DRM-free and the price is only what you want to pay (with a few conditions - Pay more than the average, $9.65 and get almost everything. Pay more than $15 to get it all).


Boob-Twerking To Mozart - Impressive Or Scary?

The next big thing... Or just pretty damn weird...
Sara X boob-twerks to Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Are we gonna see Miley Cyrus do this next? I really, really hope NOT!

Chopper Makes This Remix Of The Star Wars Rebels Theme Fun

My favorite characters in Star Wars Rebels, so far, are a tie between Hera and Chopper. And Chopper (and the sound effects) is what makes this remix by Flux Pavilion a fun experience. Otherwise I don't really like it, but he makes me want to hear it again. For a droid he really has a lot of charisma (maybe even as much as R2 & 3PO).