Deal With It And Take My Money

 I want these sunglasses right now so I can turn myself into a meme and Deal With It!

They are a solid piece of laser cut acrylic and you can buy them for only 30$/22.90. But please don't 'cause I want to look totally unique, when I wear my pair.


Weird Al Shows Off How Handy He Is

Weird Al's version of Iggy Azalea's Fancy is called Handy. All I can think about is 'where on God's green earth does he hide all that hair?'


Download A Free eBook Sampler For All Four Upcoming Star Wars Books

You can now get a free ebook sampler with the first four new novel in the Star Wars saga. This are the first books that are going to be part of the official canon. Usually I don't read samplers, but in this case I'll have to make an exception. I'm really looking forward to these new installments in the saga and I think I'm going to read all of them as them come out.

Which ones are you looking most forward to, if any?

Today Weird Al Sings About The Wonders Of Tin Foil

The third installment in Weird Al's 8 songs in 8 days is up for your viewing pleasure. Today he parodies Lorde's Royals in a song about tin foil, called... Foil. And again today it beats the original by miles. I'm looking forward to the next one.


Weird Al's Parody Song Are Even Better Than The Originals

Weird Al's new album Mandatory Fun is out and he celebrates by world premiering 8 new videos in 8 days. The first two are already out and I just have to say that I like these much better that the originals. I think a big part of that is due to the authenticity of the lyrics - they are just so real! I relate!


The Onion Reviews Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

This Review by The Onion's Peter Rosenthal is just spot on. And all the profanity just makes it even better. Prequels, sequels, remakes... who can keep up anymore?

I still hope it's a good movie though. I love the old ones and the last one wasn't bad..