The Greatest Movie Deaths Of All Time

This is probably not for the faint of heart. I'm not sure what criteria the makers of this compilation had, when they made it. Some of them are pretty cool, while other are kinda funny and/or weird/ironic.


Classical Arrangement Of Killing In The Name Of Sounds Like The Perfect James Bond Theme, But It Needs More Cowbell

Nick Proch is the man behind this AMAZING(!) orchestral version of the Rage Against The Machine classic Killing In The Name Of. I love it! To me it sounds like the perfect James Bond Theme. I would love to hear this with the original song and Tom Morello's guitar added. Then the only thing it's missing is Cowbell. To quote Christopher Walken: I need more cowbell!


I Just Found My Next Hobby! It's Called Snailpimp!

Snailpimp is an art project by a guy called Stefan Siverud. He likes catching/taking snails, decorating them and letting them go again. I think I just might copy him and do something like it the next time I get a little bored... 


New Episode Of Nightwing: The Series

Episode 4, called Oracle, of Nightwing: The Series is here.
I really like it and I hope to see another season soon.
The next episode will be the last... at least so far.


Follow-Up: Dueling Boob Twerk-Off

I had to watch this one twice before I noticed there was a dude in it... And a third time to make sure.