Van Damme On Ice

Following up on last years epic split commercial for Volvo, Van Damme now sells out for Coors Light beer... And he does it amazingly. Who knew he ever had such passion for the aesthetics of ice carving. And if you ever doubted in Van Damme's abilities, watch how he drills in ice... with a finger!


And Now To Something A Bit More Serious: Why Haven't You Had Any Kids Yet?

It's funny because it so true! And when you have the little buggers you just think they are the cutest, most adorable little things in the whole world.


Genius/Narcissism: Babe Exercises With A GoPro Focused On Her

I could just watch this all day. This is why the GoPro was invented (well not really, but it could very well have been).


A Moving Short Film About A Man Made Out Of Balloons

Floating by Greg Jardin, is a short film about a man made out of balloons. It tells the story about his dire need to make connections to other people in order to thrive - even is he risks getting his balloons popped.