What If Batman's Robin Was A Bear?

Robin the Boy Wonder have been more than one boy... and even girls at some time, but he has never been a bear before. Now Cale Atkinson have made these gif web comics, where Batman And Bear-Robin fights against the Joker and then the Penguin. 



Deal With It And Take My Money

 I want these sunglasses right now so I can turn myself into a meme and Deal With It!

They are a solid piece of laser cut acrylic and you can buy them for only 30$/22.90. But please don't 'cause I want to look totally unique, when I wear my pair.


Weird Al Shows Off How Handy He Is

Weird Al's version of Iggy Azalea's Fancy is called Handy. All I can think about is 'where on God's green earth does he hide all that hair?'


Download A Free eBook Sampler For All Four Upcoming Star Wars Books

You can now get a free ebook sampler with the first four new novel in the Star Wars saga. This are the first books that are going to be part of the official canon. Usually I don't read samplers, but in this case I'll have to make an exception. I'm really looking forward to these new installments in the saga and I think I'm going to read all of them as them come out.

Which ones are you looking most forward to, if any?