Apparently Waltzing On Walls Is The New Black

Bandaloop dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber makes dancing on a wall (aka. vertical dancing) look really beautiful. This would (maybe) make wanna watch Dancing With The Stars... or not.


Whatever Happened To The Cartoon Stars Of The 80's?

Ever Wondered what happened to the stars of the 80's cartoons after theirs movies or series where done and over? Well, now here's your answer. But be warned: It's pretty sad. And if you ever had a secret crush on Jessica Rabbit (and of course I didn't - or maybe a little), you won't after this.


Cookie Monster Aka Flan Solo Must Learn To Control His Hunger For Chewie The Cookie Before He Can Save Princess Parfaita

A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away...

The Sesame Street Star Wars parody, Star S'Mores, is exactly as adorable as you'd expect. It stars Princess Parfaita, Only-One Cannoli, Luke Piewalker, Chewie the Cookie, Flan Sole and more...


These Nightmarish Gifs Of Old Photographs Are Pretty Scary

Kevin Weir creates these awesome gifs, called Flux Machine, with old photographs he finds in the library. I love them. I think they might even give me a fun little nightmare.


The Sword In The Stone Gets Down And Dirty

 It may take more than brute strenght and chivalry to pull Excalibur from the stone for King Arthur in Fol'Amor - it may even take a fire in his loins!

Animation Short Follows As A Deadly Virus Spread Through A City - With A Fun Twist

In It's Payback Time the citizens of a metropolis turns into blue goo, when they are attacked by a lethal outbreak. But how are they going to stop it..?