Is This What Passes For A Children's Book These Days...?!?

I found this book at my work (in a kindergarten) the other day and I just had to share it.
It's called Børge's Best Breasts(!!!) It was written in 2001 and not in the 60s/70s as it would have been my guess.

I'll try to translate some excerpts from it (from Danish) to the best of my abilities.


The Treachery Of Images - Crochet Version

Ceci n'est pas une pipe crochet.

My wife made this crochet hook and I thought it would be funny to take inspiration from René Magritte's The Treachery of Images.


A 60 Movie Sword Fight Supercut

Who doesn't love a good sword fight? This super-cut, containing of clips from 60 different movies, will make any sword fight lover get a big smirk on their face...

So Which Star Wars Character Are You?

I guess my best fit is Vader, but I always imagined myself as Luke...

We Are Close To The Star Wars Tipping Point

Wow, I feel old now. I was 17 when I saw The Phantom Menace in 1999.


Learn About The Ice Cream Guy In A Star Wars Minute

Willrow Hood is really an amazing guy. His sacrifices for his ice cream maker, when Lando made the call to evacuate Cloud City, is legendary. If you don't know him you can get to now, in little over a minute, or a so called Star Wars Minute. There's a new educational video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


PES Made Another Delicious Short About Food Made Out Of Non-Food

PES is the man who made Fresh Guacamole, Western Spaghetti and many other great ones. This time his new food venture takes place in a 1930's deli, where he makes a Submarine Sandwich and as usual his work is fantastic and worthy of many repeated watches.