Darth Maul Vs. Wolverine

 It might not be 'realistic' (what would really happen if these two met), but it's still fun and some nice artwork.


Epic Rap Battle Of The Ages Between Hodor And Groot

Hodor and Groot finally has a meet-up for a rap battle. If you turn on the translation lyrics, you can get to know what they are (trying to) say(ing). I vote for Hodor as the winner. His name is simply better when it's rapped.


This Awesome Star Wars Anime Needs A Full Series

... Sadly that's probably never going to happen (unless something drastic happens), because it took OtaKing77077 four years of weekends to make it.

It's really amazing how well Star Wars and classic 80s anime fits together. I love this!


This Is A Velvet Worm Going Brazzers With It's Slime Jets

Watch one of the world's deadliest worms - if you're a beetle that is - make a beetle milk shake (said in a very deep voice).