It's A (Mouse)Trap!!!

The Admiral Ackbar mousetrap is here. After this you're never going to need another mousetrap brand. It's even manufactured on Mon Calamari - Ackbar's home planet. Now Cullen Sweet, who made these, just has to make a mass production of them, so I can get mine.


Do You Recognize These Movies From The Alternative Posters?

If you have seen these movies as many times as I have you probably see which movies the poster match up to pretty easily. They are from a time before the distribution of movies became digital. At that time the movie poster illustrators had a lot more freedom, when creating the marketing for their own country, as you can see in these pictures.

The first one here is from Hungary, 1977.


Nick Offerman Offers Some Special Life Advice In His (Quote:) First Hit Single

In his upcoming Netflix show American Ham, coming on December 12th, Nick Offerman passes on some life advice, he got from his father. In The Hanky Song he sings about why you should always carry a hanky.


Fun With Celebrity Mash Ups

Buffalo Bill Gates clearly had a lot of fun making these mash-ups of celebrities - both fictional and real... And I had a lot of fun looking at them, so I hope you do too. 
I don't know what is the funniest - the names or the pictures themselves... but probably both in unison. 


To Survive A Zombie Attack You Have To Help

Five Minutes is a short film/advertisement for G-Shock watches, where you have to interact using your mouse or finger (if you watch on a touchscreen).

The first symptom, memory loss, appears within five minutes of exposure to the virus. After a zombie attack a man must remember and you have to help him.


My Thoughts About The Star Wars Trailer

I doubt that I'll have anything to say about this trailer that hasn't already been said, but I'm still going to state my opinions and initial thoughts.

I've watched it like 15-20 times by now and I'm still not tired of watching it... again... and again. It's awesome! And I love it!


Space Is Vast And Lonely In This Minimalist Short Film

SOLUS is a story about the loneliness and self sacrifice that is the big adventure of going into deep space. It is done in a very minimalist way and it really adds to the loneliness of the trip. Every time the ship passes a planet I really hoped it would be habitable, but it had to go a long way first. Without revealing anything, I have to say that I loved the ending.